Symbiosis Mock test is a web based Exam portal, developed by experienced and certified Professionals, which is revised once in every 15 days so as to give the aspirants latest updated questions. The portal will be very much helpful for the aspirants by providing real time exam environment and better time utilisation, so that they can clear the exam on their first attempt.

Importance of Mock Test

Practice not only makes you perfect but also builds confidence. It helps you manage time and performance with great confidence. The more test you take, the better you will understand your strong and weak areas. It also gives you the opportunity to solve every question with a positive atitude.

  1. It allows you to learn from your mistakes
  2. Time management in Exam
  3. Optimize your Performance

About the Mock Test

  • Expansive database of over 2000 questions.
  • New questions will be added to database regularly.
  • Database prepared by experienced and certified professionals.
  • Portal available online 24/7.
  • Tests formulated to cover all topics explained in the course.
  • Multiple tests available with answers to test your knowledge and understanding to successfully clear the examination in the first attempt.